WBH - Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers

Project Description

Description - WBH Horizontal Single Shaft Batch Mixers consist of a mixing drum vessel with an inlet, an outlet with discharge valve and a venting spout, a mixing shaft, two drum closing end plates that carry flanged end bearing assemblies complete with integrated adjustable shaft sealing unit, and a drive unit complete with power transmission. Ploughshare or inclined blade-type shovel tools rotate as mixing tools in a special arrangement on the mixer shaft in a horizontal, cylindrical drum. The result is a turbulence in the mix that constantly involves all the product particles in the mixing process. The formation of dead spots or slow-movement zones in the mixing drum is prevented ensuring precise mixing. In some cases, to obtain the desired mixing effect, separately driven high-speed choppers can be installed.

Function - The Horizontal Single Shaft WBH Batch Mixer is based on the principle of mechanical fluidisation of the product. The particular shape, position and rotation speed of the mixing tools, creates a centrifugal vortex motion, which allows the materials to be projected in a three-dimensional way and to merge with each other. This ensures that components with a different particle size and bulk density are perfectly blended and mixed with high precision within the shortest possible time. WBH Batch-type Mixers are used for mixing dry powders, granules or short fibres, for moistening, agglomerating or granulating the same materials, or for mixing liquids or pastes with low viscosity.

A special ATEX-version for zone 22 (Category 3D equipment) is available.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

  • Sizes: 75 to 15,000 litres
  • Drive units: 4.0 Kw to 200 Kw
  • Mixing capacity: 2 to 15 batches per hour (depending on recipe and unit configuration)
  • End bearing assemblies with various types of shaft seals and option of air or nitrogen purging
  • Flush discharge valve
  • Heavy-duty mixing chamber manufactured in carbon steel, anti-wear steel, or 304 / 304L / 316 / 316L stainless steel
  • Short mixing time ( 1 / 4 min )
  • Maximum mixing homogeneity
  • Excellent reproducibility of batches
  • Minimum wear / low maintenance
  • Easy tool adjustment and replacement
  • Easy cleaning and access to all internal parts of the mixer

Options & Accessories

  • Heavy-duty constructional steels, stainless steel, special materials
  • Optional anti-wear surface treatment
  • Chopper bearing assemblies with rotary shaft seal and air purging or grease chamber
  • Liquid injection devices
  • Decompression control panel
  • Pneumatic sampling device
  • PT 100 temperature probe on jacketed mixing chamber
  • Wide range of mixing tools (boxed ploughshare, toothed ploughshare, blade-type, toothed blade) available also with anti-wear coating
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