FIBC Filling Systems

Project Description

Description - RBB-type FIBC Filing Stations consist of a steel frame and a bag filling unit including an inflatable seal that impedes dust leakage during the filing process.

Function - RBB-type FIBC Filling Stations enable efficient filling of bulk bags. The empty FIBC is attached to the four tensioners in the upper corners of the frame. Then the bag inlet is pulled over the loading spout of the station. The filling procedure starts as soon as the seal around the bag inlet is inflated. Once the FIBC is filled up it will be lifted by a forklift truck and transferred to its further destination once the FIBC has been removed from the steel frame.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

  • Construction material: Carbon steel, 304L / 316L stainless steel
  • Complete with 4 tensioners for correct positioning of the FIBC
  • Dust-free operation

Options & Accessories

  • Height adjustment set
  • Blower for FIBC inflation
  • Slide valve
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