COM - Waste Bag Compactors

Project Description

The COM Waste Bag Compactor has been developed to meet the requirement of efficiently reducing the volume of emptied bags as they are expelled from special bag emptying machines. At the same time the COM Bag Compactor offers the smallest possible footprint. In this way removal of waste bags is more efficient and time saving.

Description - The COM Bag Compactor for torn empty bags consists of a mild steel or 304/316 stainless steel trough with appropriate surface finishing. The U-profile trough is longitudinally split in half to facilitate replacement of the SINT liner that helps introduction and further compression of the broken bags. The Bag Compactor is equipped with a suitable direct drive unit. At the drive end the compactor is equipped with an end plate fixed to the end flange of the trough for assembly of the end bearing complete with flanged shaft coupling for the bag compacting screw. The other trough end is connected with a tapered pipe that facilitates the progress of the compacted broken bags. At the end of this steel pipe a polyethylene tube for disposal of the waste bags can be fitted.

Function - The COM Waste Bag Compactor receives entire empty bags or bag fragments from a bag emptying device compacting the bags to approximately one eighth of their original volume. Collected in a polyethylene hose that is periodically cut and closed, the waste bags can be easily disposed of.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

  • Construction material: Carbon steel, 304 L stainless steel
  • Complete with adjustable tensioning ring for polyethylene hose for disposal of waste bags
  • Heavy-duty shaftless compactor spiral supported at inlet end
  • Direct gear motor drive directly mounted at inlet end
  • Easy access to all parts due to modular design
  • Extra-heavy-duty shaftless compactor spiral able to handle waste bags of any type without adjustment
  • Detachable outlet safeguard in compliance with CE-regulations
  • Compactor does not have to be stopped for unbinding of filled polyethylene tube
  • SINT engineering polymer liner for better compression of the bags
  • ATEX, zone 22 certification
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