Battery plate handling system

Project Description

Mechtek Plate Handling:

The process of destacking a stacking plates is a challange that is often over simplified

We at mechtek dont take the task lightly and see this as the first of a set of very important stages in the production of a lead acid battery. 

If this process is right, everything else is easier, so a lot of time and effort goes into the hardware design and the software control of this part of the machine, because not only do we want to make a good machine but we want to make one thats robust and productive. 

Our philosophy is good engineering will yeald good results.  Where the plate feeders can be the same, we make them the same.  It makes good sense.  We use the same size motor on a elevator thats lifting 15 Kg as one thats lifting 250Kgs.  Its over spec you could say but it makes the spares required to maintain the machine simpler. 

Our control system for the plate feeder is far and away a leader in this field, we have auto catch up, where if the plate feeder has no plates due to it not being kept full by an operator the line will not make a bad cell or abort a cell, but it will hold station and when plates are available it will catch up and continue on taking the pressure off the upstream supply and preventing producing out of spec cells and running invalid production

The plate feeders are equipped with servo controled elevators to present the stacks at the perfect height, they have servo driven pickup arms for catchup and other control functions, and also twin contra rotating wire brushes that clean the plate tabs 


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